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Manage Your Alerts


This is the last of our 3 part series on abolishing or controlling negativity. This may sound like an odd piece of advice but manage and control your alerts and notifications. Ask yourself, do I really have to be notified on my phone or device every time there is an email, a text, a Facebook post, an instant message, an Instagram post, a stock alert, a news alert or a weather alert?….It can drain your energy! … and negatively influence your emothions.

I do understand some of us are in occupations or positions where getting some of those alerts are critical to what you do. However manage those alerts so that you can have some PEACE and enjoy a meal with your family, enjoy a conversation with your child, enjoy a movie with your spouse….and enjoy some peaceful sleep at night. What types of alerts do you need to manage and control?


Pete has a rotation of 60 inspirational  “Second Wind Radio –  Spirit of the Comeback” messages. Mike Gilland (The Shepherd Radio – Radio Station Operations Manager) has graciously given Pete the opportunity to record these messages at THE SHEPHERD RADIO. These messages now air on the radio and the segments are called “FOR THE WIN!” The messages will broadcast on the following “The Shepherd Network” radio stations:

Orlando – 1270 AM

Ocala/The Villages – 720 AM  and 103.5 FM

Gainesville – 1430 AM and 96.3 FM


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