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Professional Speaking, Training and Coaching

We are about enhancing perfomance improvement for individuals, teams and organizations. Whether through a keynote speech, training class or some focused coaching/consulting we offer training that is transformational. The training and services we provide will help individuals and teams perform better on the job and achieve desired results, but it will also transfer over to making a positive impact for people in their personal life.

“What you get by reaching your goals is not nearly as important as what you become by reaching your goals.”

We serve people and teams three ways:

Keynote Speaking

Powerful messages for your business meeting, large conference or convention. Pete has presented to groups from 20 – 2000. Below is a listing of keynote messages designed to encourage, motivate and inspire positive action. These messages are 30 – 60 minutes long and can be adapted to the audience.

  • A Passion For Service

  • Keys to Personal Revitalization

  • Running Your Race With A Crooked Ankle

  • Service That Changes the Heart and the World

  • Words of Life – 101 Positive Power Words for your Team and Business

  • Keys to Getting to Your Finish Line

  • Goal Setting and Achievement (Zig Ziglar program – Pete is certified to teach)

Personal Development Workshops

Powerful classes for your personal growth and team development. These classes can be customized to your needs. The classes listed below are 90-minute or half day workshops. These classes can be taught at your company/campus facility or at the Second Wind Training Center. 

  • A Passion for Service – Leading and Engaging Your Team

  • Public Speaking & Presentation with Confidence

  • Leading With Impact

  • Redefining the Possible

  • The 5 R’s Stages of Leadership

  • Conditioning Your Team to Win the Gold

  • Keys to Personal Revitalization

Consulting & Coaching

Consulting Services

Pete has a unique combination of deep restaurant and hospitality operations experience with successfully revitalizing and coaching individuals & teams in the business, athletic, academic & community settings. Pete can customize a program to target your needs.

Mental Strength and Conditioning

Pete has developed very specific and targeted behaviors that has helped him get through the rigors of training for multiple marathons and ultra-marathons. Pete will coach you and your team through preparing the mind for peak performance and accomplishing things never thought possible, … completing a marathon!

Feedback from Those Served

The following list represents a summary of unsolicited feedback sent in from participants in our workshops and other training events:

“Perfect timing for our organization”

"Truly helpful” …“Uplifting”

"Truly helpful” …“Uplifting”

“I attended one of the best seminars today”

“Worth the time and money.”

“Desperately needed”

“I was able to formulate goals and make new acquaintances”

“Wish others on my team could have made this workshop.”

“Length of your class was just right”

“Loved your class….loved your energy!”

Grateful to attend your class! I need the focus!”

"Can you come work for us full time?"

"We want to invite you back for more sessions!"

“I needed this for my motivation!”

“I was able to formulate goals and make new acquaintances”

Professionals Served

Since 2014, it has been a joy to serve individuals, teams, and organizations representing the following industries with our training and coaching services:


Our training and personal development programs are focused on PERFORMANCE IMPROVEMENT for business professionals, teams, leaders, students, as well as athletes and runners.  The transformational skills taught will help you professionally on the job and outside the job as you lead your life…..helping you be a “strong finisher” with any endeavor in your life!

We facilitate a “Second Wind” for you and your team when we tangibly teach/train:

  • New professional skills
  • A better way of getting to that desired result
  • A renewed sense of purpose
  • New confidence
  • Refreshed attitude and motivation
  • Building better relationships
  • Working as a team
  • New encouragement
  • “Redefining the possible”……and put yourself in position to go much further than expected.

Built into all of our messages and training classes is the emphasis on continual progress and sustaining the new momentum …getting even stronger! 

Yes…Due diligence is done to carefully understand the training/development opportunity and the audience to make sure the keynote, workshop or coaching hits the target need.


Pete has experience in helping people with personal and team revitalization! He can help individuals and teams get back in their “in race” and get to the “finish line” of their goals and pursuits.  Pete has built over 50 coaching sessions that can be customized and personalized. Pete has sessions that address the following leadership competencies:

Functional Skills ✦ Performance Awareness ✦ Leading People ✦ Influencing Collaboration ✦ Integrity ✦ Accountability ✦ Delivering Results ✦ Building Trust ✦ Conflict Management ✦ Service to Others ✦ Customer and Team Focus ✦ Leveraging Diversity ✦ Interpersonal Skills ✦ Communication ✦ Team Building ✦ Problem Solving ✦ Taking Initiative ✦ Organization and Planning ✦ Developing Others ✦ Continual Learning ✦ Resilience ✦ Vision ✦ Strategic Thinking ✦ Flexibility ✦ Creativity and Innovation ✦ Change Management

Schedule an appointment with me and in 15 minutes, I will share powerful real-time financial impact as it relates to:

  • Employee engagement

  • Productivity

  • Product Quality

  • Turnover

  • Service Delivery

  • Business growth

  • Earnings per share

  • Retention of your best employees