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What Is Your Vision?


Do you have a vision? Do you have a crystal clear a picture of what success looks like for you?…Do you have a clear picture of the direction you want to go? Do you have a picture of your objective or purpose? If you’re not sure what your purpose is?…what your goal is?….or what success looks like for you…you are more likely to feel tired and worn out…and more likely to stay tired and worn out. 

You may have heard the phrase: “Without a vision the people perish”. Folks, there is energy and life created when you have clear direction, purpose and goals. People with a strong vision do not get up out of bed, fumbling around, trying to figure out want they should be doing.  They know their purpose and focus, and they act accordingly, without hesitation in the spirit of the comeback.  What is your vision?


Pete has a rotation of 60 inspirational  “Second Wind Radio –  Spirit of the Comeback” messages. Mike Gilland (The Shepherd Radio – Radio Station Operations Manager) has graciously given Pete the opportunity to record these messages at THE SHEPHERD RADIO. These messages now air on the radio and the segments are called “FOR THE WIN!” The messages will broadcast on the following “The Shepherd Network” radio stations:

Orlando – 1270 AM

Ocala/The Villages – 720 AM  and 103.5 FM

Gainesville – 1430 AM and 96.3 FM


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