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Viewer Discretion Advised – Feed Your Mind with Positive Viewing


We are continuing with the theme of positively feeding our minds. Imagine if someone came right into your living room and dumped a pile of garbage right on the floor. You would likely be upset! Well the same thing can happen when we turn on the television or indiscriminately watch videos.

We view material through a lot of media platforms and on-line subscriptions. Be very discretionary on what you watch. What you allow yourself to watch gets into your spirit. Feed your mind and spirit with the positive. Be very intentional about viewing material that is uplifting, positive, and inspirational. Be on a regular discipline about viewing video that encourages and promotes the right values for success and positive relationships in your life. Viewer Discretion Advised…in order to fuel your spirit and build the spirit of the comeback.


Pete has a rotation of 60 inspirational  “Second Wind Radio –  Spirit of the Comeback” messages. Mike Gilland (The Shepherd Radio – Radio Station Operations Manager) has graciously given Pete the opportunity to record these messages at THE SHEPHERD RADIO. These messages now air on the radio and the segments are called “FOR THE WIN!” The messages will broadcast on the following “The Shepherd Network” radio stations:

Orlando – 1270 AM

Ocala/The Villages – 720 AM  and 103.5 FM

Gainesville – 1430 AM and 96.3 FM


Welcome to Second Wind - Finish Strong!

We are dedicated to providing resources to help train and inspire you to be a strong finisher in your journey.