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Vision and Work


In an earlier recording, I talked about having a clear vision about your success and what you are wanting to accomplish. Let me be also clear, the vision provides purpose and fuels motivation for the work. Operating with a clear vision and working hard go hand-in-hand. I can visualize myself driving a Ferrari some day or living that beautiful waterfront mansion someday.   But visualizing those things does not mean they will magically appear. I need to be willing to put in the work necessary to put me in position to have those things. If I am trying to lose 50 pounds, I need a clear vision of what I will look like, to help me stay on task with putting in the work necessary to get there.. Once again, the clear vision fuels the motivation for the work!…the work needed for the comeback.


Pete has a rotation of 60 inspirational  “Second Wind Radio –  Spirit of the Comeback” messages. Mike Gilland (The Shepherd Radio – Radio Station Operations Manager) has graciously given Pete the opportunity to record these messages at THE SHEPHERD RADIO. These messages now air on the radio and the segments are called “FOR THE WIN!” The messages will broadcast on the following “The Shepherd Network” radio stations:

Orlando – 1270 AM

Ocala/The Villages – 720 AM  and 103.5 FM

Gainesville – 1430 AM and 96.3 FM


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